Best of 2015

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SUMMARY: Ahoy! Tharr be the boys! Them Ya Shoulda Seen This By Now boys! And these boys are coming at ya with a hot and heavy episode of podcast. Join Frank and Dan as they talk about band aid ads, Frank’s recent visit to Detroit, and their favorite films of 2015. It’s a top ten countdown of the best properties which – ya shoulda seen by now. Just like [insert dumb joke here]! I like watermelon.

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Audio Issues

Look, I’m aware that there have been some audio issues with this first batch of six episodes, alright? I don’t think they’re deal breakers but I know that I’m capable of better as the audio producer and engineer on the show. To be honest, I thought you all were going to give me a break on account of being so handsome but now I’m realizing that podcasts seem to be a auditory format. Look, regardless, there have been some things, and those things people didn’t like and, to be frank, I didn’t like them either and I’m getting it together – alright? Lay off. Continue reading