House of Cards (Season 4)

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SUMMARY: Yo! This week Frank and I talk about the 4th season of Netflix’s House of Cards. What’s up dudes and dudettes? It’s Dan Luke here to talk all things Ya Shoulda Seen this By Now. In this episode Frank and I discuss Frank’s obsession with Jackie Sharp, bed bugs, and Shakespeare! That’s a long way of saying we reviewed House of Cards. I thought it was good. Frank did not. I heard the other day that Frank pushed a kid into some bushes. I am a certified genius. Anyway — this show is OK. I like Obama.

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Feedback from a fan: Episode 18, House of Cards

On April 2nd we posted our 18th episode of Ya Shoulda Seen This by Now, House of Cards Season 3. Check it out here if you haven’t gotten a chance yet. Since then, a fan & friend of the podcast, Dave, sent us a very detailed text with his feedback on the episode. Like a good friend and supporter of our fans, I replied “tl;dr”. Maybe our other fans will find this interesting.

Here’s Dave:

“I listened to the podcast and made notes while it went on. Apparently a lot. Disagree on am-works. Its purely an attempt by him to get votes. Not out of line with Frank’s thinking.  Seemed like a fine “action plan” to keep his office. Continue reading


Episode 18: House of Cards (Season 3)

Frank: “…there are so many things at play where Frank and Freddy can’t be friends. Like the social and political climate makes it so that a white guy and a black guy can’t actually be friends. You know what I mean?”

Dan: “Kind of. Frank Underwood is also a murderous sociopath.”

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Frank and Dan talk about Netflix’s House of Cards. Dan thinks that House of Cards is tone deaf in regard to it’s dealings with race relations. I like pie.

More Show Notes (Spoilers): Continue reading


F*ckability Status of House of Cards Characters

Oscar Wilde famously said or wrote or whatever that “everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” Since House of Cards is seemingly about power, it must actually be about sex. So let’s talk about sex. Specifically, let’s talk about the House of Cards characters I’d bang.

I’m specifically talking about the characters, not the actors. This is about whether or not I’d fuck the character in the universe of House of Cards. That being said, the fact that the character is played by the actor is a reality we will take into consideration. Continue reading