Better Call Saul Could Still Be A Disaster

Better Call Saul concluded it’s first season last night. The episodes were a fragmented and rudderless mess devoid of tonal consistency or narrative. Somehow, despite that, the show still managed to be masterful in it’s writing and mesmerizing in it’s execution. So, I guess that makes Better Call Saul the Dark Knight Rises of television.

That being said, we’re not out of the woods yet. I still haven’t forgiven The Dark Knight Rises for that goddamn Bruce Wayne in Paris scene. I took that lesson hard. I will never forget that anything which seems dicey enough innately possesses the potential to make a sharp right into garbagetown despite managing a decent juggling act for the majority of it’s narrative. Like The Dark Knight Rises, there are many warning signs in this first season of Better Call Saul, as well. Continue reading


Episode 19: Better Call Saul (Season 1)

“It’s a tragic fall from grace… If he ever hits grace.” – Frank

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Dan finds out that a “fan” complained about his performance in a previous episode. This revelation proves to be extremely entertaining. Afterward, Better Call Saul is discussed.

Show Topics (May Contain Spoilers): Continue reading