The Bourne Legacy

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In this episode of Ya Shoulda Seen This by Now, Dan is deeply disturbed by Frank’s impression of a handicapped Jeremy Renner and confesses his love-hate relationship with Tony Gilroy. That’s right, we finally saw The Bourne Legacy; and were reminded why we had never made the effort to see it in the first place. It’s a good episode, I guess.

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Episode 3: Birdman

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It was Ya Shoulda Seen This by Now and it was episode three and it happened to debut on Christmas Eve…

Hi, everyone, it’s Dan Luke. Frank was supposed to write this post but I have have no idea where his words are. They’re probably adrift somewhere in this sea of digital information, desperately clinging to the bow of an e-mail. Whatever. My point is that you have me this week to write a few words about Birdman. Continue reading