Episode 59: Master of None

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SUMMARY: One boy! Two boy! I boy! You boy! We got one boy here! We got two boys here! And you know what that means? That means that them Ya Shoulda Seen this By Now boys are back with a charming and modern episode of podcast. Frank and Dan talk about Dan’s racist audition for a Nickelback music video, Frank asking Dan to be an usher at his wedding, and Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix show Master of None. The whole thing is scattershot and unfocused just like a jack of all trades! Wow! Who writes this garbage? I like macaroni.

Oh hey! Before I forget. This audio contains at least two audio glitches but possibly one or two more. They’re not major but if Dan seems like he’s suddenly really far away its likely some sort of glitch. Sorry about that!