Feedback from a fan: Episode 18, House of Cards

On April 2nd we posted our 18th episode of Ya Shoulda Seen This by Now, House of Cards Season 3. Check it out here if you haven’t gotten a chance yet. Since then, a fan & friend of the podcast, Dave, sent us a very detailed text with his feedback on the episode. Like a good friend and supporter of our fans, I replied “tl;dr”. Maybe our other fans will find this interesting.

Here’s Dave:

“I listened to the podcast and made notes while it went on. Apparently a lot. Disagree on am-works. Its purely an attempt by him to get votes. Not out of line with Frank’s thinking.  Seemed like a fine “action plan” to keep his office.

I think season 3 meandered the whole way through. I enjoyed it exploring Frank on a personal level more, but everything around it was dull.

I thought Zoey, Frank, and Peter Russo were the best characters in the series. So obviously season 1 is my favorite.

Thought the Rachel storyline in season 3 was interesting (a fave part) and then felt like a waste when they closed it the way they did.

Agree that season 3 felt like a different show.  If that is the reset for season 3 I’d be upset. I think the best way to end it would be to have the stakes turn against him. Not him upping the ante as “world ruler” but the opponents upping the ante as Frank ruiners.

Bringing up the monks. Season 3 had a lot of moments I really liked, but as a whole didn’t feel satisfying. Seemed like it could have been handled in half of the episodes to me.

Was interesting to see how the episode separated Claire and Frank. It seemed like an inevitability for it to start a fight. I loved his carless attitude to forcing the senate to approve claire’s appointment. It wasn’t an “ok I love you” moment, it was a “shit, I have to give you something even if it hurts me short term” moment. Initially I thought it may be a “love” moment and then as the season progresses it becomes clear that it wasn’t.

Yates thing felt weird to me too.  Thought it was going to be a Yates betrayal moment, but wasn’t.

Franks dad stuff was interesting to hear, but i agree that it amounted to nothing. Didn’t feel like it advanced the story or Frank’s character.  Seemed like background that would eventually go somewhere but didn’t. If that was scattered throughout the series, ok doesn’t have to go somewhere. But all in one season was weird since it didn’t do anything.

I enjoyed watching Freddie’s lack of care for Frank. Frank does seem to feel bad for Freddie and bad for what he did in season 2.  It seems like he wants to be back to normal. Then its clear Freddie is faking it in season 3 and isn’t into it anymore (but Frank doesn’t see it).  It feels like a switch in the dynamic from frank using him to Freddie using him. An interesting part because I agree that Frank thinks he is back to “normal.”

Dan Luke’s comment about Frank having no one led to the interesting part about Doug this season. How Frank realized that his press secretary (forgot his name) showed he wanted a promotion.  It was interesting because it showed Frank that the relationship would never go anywhere unless it was beneficial to that guy. Then we see Frank showing weakness/respect for his relationship with Doug because he felt Doug was loyal.  Sacrificing his other relationships (Claire, press secretary) for the one he felt was loyal but no longer as valuable as it could be.

Loved solo Frank. #unsupervisedromano

Agree that it was weird that it didnt feel like the series had the same stakes as season 1/2. Never felt like there were any real threats to Frank as a person while there were still threats to the world.

I enjoyed it seeming like Doug was redeeming himself this season. It seemed like it was advancing until he killed Rachel. Upset with that. It was like he wanted to improve but was stuck in a bad situation. Killing Rachel shows that he made no progress. Also was shocked that they kept Doug alive in episode 1.”

Let’s keep it up.

What are your thoughts on the episode? How much do you hate Dan? You can be honest if you don’t like Dan. He doesn’t have feelings. Strike back below, subscribe and review our Podcast on iTunes, or check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/yashouldaseenthisbynow. Or don’t, we’re only doing this for you. A thank you would be nice.


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