Episode 18: House of Cards (Season 3)

Frank: “…there are so many things at play where Frank and Freddy can’t be friends. Like the social and political climate makes it so that a white guy and a black guy can’t actually be friends. You know what I mean?”

Dan: “Kind of. Frank Underwood is also a murderous sociopath.”

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Frank and Dan talk about Netflix’s House of Cards. Dan thinks that House of Cards is tone deaf in regard to it’s dealings with race relations. I like pie.

More Show Notes (Spoilers):

  1. (0 mins) Opening and Introduction
  2. (5 mins) AmWorks is Insane
  3. (10 mins) Frank and Dan Disagree About What Makes House of Cards “Great”
  4. (15 mins) Why Season 3 Is A More Personal Season
  5. (20 mins) Underwood Going from Hero to Villain
  6. (25 mins) Television No Longer Shows or Tells; it Implies
  7. (30 mins) House of Cards’ Feeble Attempts At A Discussion About Race Relations
  8. (35 mins) And More About House of Cards in Regard to Race Relations…
  9. (40 mins) And Even More About House of Cards in Regard to Race Relations…
  10. (45 mins) Dan Returns From Taking A Dump (For Real, He Actually Left to Take A Dump)
  11. (50 mins) What’s the Deal with…?
  12. (55 mins) Final Comments and Closing

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