Episode 11: Whiplash

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I honestly have no idea if Fletcher’s questionable methods in Whiplash are what it takes to mold great artists, but I think it’s a compelling argument. Dan points out in this episode that he feels it’s unfair to accuse the film of glorifying abusive teaching simply because our two lead characters “triumph” in the end (I surround triumph in quotes because I’m not entirely sure it is a triumph — but I guess that was obvious from the quotes and this aside is unnecessary). I don’t know whether or not I agree with Dan, but I do think the ambiguousness of the ending raises questions rather than provides answers. So whatever conclusions you think the film is making are conclusions you’ve made on your own.

Here are some facts about Whiplash I do know. These were taken directly from the Trivia sections of Whiplash’s IMDB page:

The film was shot in 19 days.

That’s right. This movie was shot in 19 fucking days. The director, Damien Chazelle, is 30 years old. This is his breakout film. He has only one other movie in his filmography. Whiplash is nominated for Best Picture among other categories at this year’s Oscars. Fuck him.

The film was shot, edited, and submitted into Sundance in ten weeks.

Are you fucking kidding me?!?! 10 weeks?! In the last 10 weeks I haven’t done shit. Shot. Edited. Submitted to Sundance. In ten… that’s T-E-N… one-zero weeks. When was the last time I did anything impressive in a 10-week timespan? Oh, that’s right; never. Maybe I need a Fletcher standing over my hypothetical drum set stopping at nothing to realize my potential. Maybe that’s my problem. I have no J.K Simmons to my Miles Teller. Or maybe I’m just a lazy asshole with no potential. But I’d like to think I’m different from Dan (*ba dum tss*). But seriously Damien? Ten weeks? Seriously fuck him.


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