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Our (Likely) Final Run of Episodes


Below is the schedule for what is likely to be our final run of episodes. We’re currently projected to wrap up with 3 years and 150 episodes on the dot.

Wonder Woman
Baby Driver

Spiderman: Homecoming

The Dark Tower
Logan Lucky

Kingsman: Golden Circle

Blade Runner 2049
Cloverfield 2017

Thor: Ragnarok
Justice League

The Disaster Artist
Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Let me know if you have questions or feedback.



New Episodes Out Around the 15th and 30th Going Forward


There won’t be a new episode today. Through the rest of 2017 we’re going to reduce empty calories with Ya Shoulda Seen This By Now. For the podcast, we’re going down to two episodes a month, expect those new episodes to drop around the 15th and 30th. I think our YouTube channel will remain defunct for a bit longer while Frank finishes his short film.

Speaking of that! In the meantime, why not check out the teaser for Frank’s new short film Vengeance in the Outer Rim.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this change.




Kong: Skull Island

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These are the boys and these are the boys that are the back. Frank and Dan return for another installment of Ya Should Blub Blarb Deep Doop. Frank and Dan talk about Video Village, that time Dan (for real) met some of the cast from Man of Steel and heard a crazy story about Zach Snyder, and Kong: Skull Island. It’s a tamale of a whim wham ya snazzle wuss. I like talc.


Disney’s latest Beauty and the Beast is an exemplary exercise in studio laziness.

Before we even discuss Beauty and the Beast, let’s get one thing out of the way: La La Land wouldn’t work with great singers. This is an important point, because La La Land will inevitably be blamed for poor musical casting from here on out. But that’s unfair. The fact that Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling aren’t the best signers is the whole fucking point. Continue reading


Shot-by-shot Analysis of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser 2 (Part 1)

Happy Star Wars Day!! The latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser dropped two weeks ago at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. Like a doofus I actually tuned in for entirety of the Episode 7 panel, which included useless behind-the-scenes photo reveals, mind-numbingly boring cast interviews, and finally the brand-spankin’-new teaser debut—which I replayed 20-25 times that day, examining every detail and creaming all over myself. It was a mess.

I begged Dan like a pestering child to record a new podcast episode with me, but he said “no way José.” So instead, I have an even better companion to chat Star Wars: Jason Heffron. Jason knows a his way around Star Wars but he isn’t a fanboy weirdo. He’s just a knowledgeable guy with good film taste who also happens to be a Star Wars fan. He’s a great person to discuss this teaser with because he has fun speculating. He and I spent a good amount of time dissecting this teaser shot-by-shot because we’re nerds. If you’re a nerd too, then kick back with a tall glass of Bantha milk and read to your heart’s content. This post is a long one… Continue reading


Feedback from a fan: Episode 18, House of Cards

On April 2nd we posted our 18th episode of Ya Shoulda Seen This by Now, House of Cards Season 3. Check it out here if you haven’t gotten a chance yet. Since then, a fan & friend of the podcast, Dave, sent us a very detailed text with his feedback on the episode. Like a good friend and supporter of our fans, I replied “tl;dr”. Maybe our other fans will find this interesting.

Here’s Dave:

“I listened to the podcast and made notes while it went on. Apparently a lot. Disagree on am-works. Its purely an attempt by him to get votes. Not out of line with Frank’s thinking.  Seemed like a fine “action plan” to keep his office. Continue reading


The Americans is the Best Show on Television

“It’s a show about characters and intimacy in it’s heart and about spies and death on it’s skin.”

First airing in 2013, and now well into it’s third season, The Americans is one of the finest shows on television that you’re going to miss completely.

It’s pensive in the historical context which it occupies, clever in it’s incorporation of familiar spy tropes, and unique in it’s unconventional direction and narrative decisions. It’s exciting, and haunting, and sexy, and traumatizing. So, then, if that’s the case, how could you possibly miss it? Continue reading


Ant-Man Still Looks Like Garbage in This Latest Trailer

If you told me eight years ago and that the Fast & Furious franchise would be one of my all-time favorite film series’, I probably would have asked you how in God’s name you were able to acquire the gift of foresight and why the hell would you waste it on telling me which movies I’m going to like in the future? Give me a lottery number you asshole. But most of all, why would I be into a bunch of B-grade race car flicks? Superheroes are what’s happening right now, man. Have you seen the trailer for The Dark Knight?! And Marvel’s making Iron Man dude! The suit looks perfect! Just like the comics! *pushes up glasses with index finger*

What my twenty-o-seven self wouldn’t realize is how much I would eventually bore of comic book movies and how much I would come to love Toretto’a family of misfit thieves and all their wacky escapades. Unlike recent super hero flicks, which have been recycling the same formula film after film, the Fast & Furious franchise continues to re-invent itself. Hopping between genres, the series isn’t afraid to tell a coming of age story, a cop drama, a caper or a spy extravaganza. Each film is an entirely different animal.

The real reason we’re here is to discuss the Ant-Man trailer, but I think a comparison to the F&F saga is apt. Continue reading