An introduction to ‘Ya Shoulda Seen This By Now’

Alright, let’s get this thing started. I’d like to tell y’all a little bit more about our operation. And by “y’all” I’m obviously referring to our current readership & listener base—so hi Mom. I’ve already explained a little bit about what we do, but let’s take it a step further. As you may well know, Ya Shoulda Seen This By Now is a podcast about movies. Most episodes will be focused on a single film, although there may be times when Dan & I discuss a franchise, genre or specific filmmaker. I don’t know, we haven’t crossed that bridge yet, but anything is possible. Point is, this is a movie-related podcast. So if you don’t like movies, now’s a good time to bail.

We’re not movie critics.

I might look like Roger Ebert but Dan could never pass for Siskel—or Roeper for that matter. We’re not going to pretend we’re critics because we don’t want to be. And by ‘critics’, I mean the kind of professional writers you rely on for prompt reviews of every major film release so you can decide whether or not you want to make a trip out to the theater. That’s not what this is about.

Our episodes will not be prompt and we certainly won’t be reviewing every major hollywood film. In fact, we’re gong to skip a lot of movies. And I mean a lot. Which I’ve learned includes The Hobbit franchise because Dan won’t see them. I mean we both liked Lord of the Rings, but I guess Dan’s an adult now and he’s too busy worrying about taxes and stock tips to wrap his brain around escapist fantasy. Luckily for all you readers and listeners out there, I’ve held on to my innocence and child-like curiosity. So if you ever want to talk Tolkien-cinema, I’m game. But if you’re looking for a film critics, you should probably bounce.

We don’t believe film discussion has to be topical.

We’re going to talk about movies long after they’ve been theatrically released. I mean c’mon, the name of our podcast implies that we’re slow. But it’s more than just laziness. In this current age of instantaneous information, people have forgotten that sometimes you need to let a film sit awhile before immediately forming an opinion. Sometimes you need to see it twice or three times before you know how you feel. And you know what? It’s OK to walk out of movie not knowing what to think. You don’t have to rush to the web for answers. The aggregate score of film critics and the collective thoughts of commenters doesn’t make a movie a good or bad.

We don’t think that a film entering it’s sixth week at the box office is movie that’s old news. So we’re going to discuss these films late in the game. We’re hoping you feel our content is just as ‘evergreen’ as we do. Because if you love movies as much as Dan & I, you’ll agree that a great film never feels old; and always warrants a fascinating discussion. In addition to all that, we also want to give you ample time to see the film yourself. As previously mentioned, our episodes aren’t really reviews. We fully expect that you will see the film before listening. Because we will spoil the movie. This podcast exists so you can partake in the intelligent film discussion you’ve always wanted to have. But if you’re the type person that sees a film once and moves on—never to think about it again—then you best move on from this podcast.

We haven’t exactly figured it all out yet.

I wish I could tell you more about our release schedule and episode structure, but we’re still figuring that out. And it will evolve over time. We know we want this podcast to be released in series form. Meaning, we’ll do a series of 8-12 episodes, then take a break, then do another “season”. Because, you know, Dan ‘Rock Star’ Luke needs time off. Did I mention he’s in a band? So yeah, I guess he’ll be busy doing that. Dan ‘Rock Star’ Luke can’t be expected to record podcast episodes when he’s snorting blow off a dead hooker’s ass. But in-between Dan’s hipster-escapades, we’ll be recording episodes and posting them to this site (and iTunes). We just don’t know how often that will happen. So if you’re someone in need of consistency, this really isn’t your thing.

Don’t worry, this blog will keep you updated.

That’s what this blog is for—among other things. We have four categories for blog posts; one of which is Updates. So we’ll keep you informed on all the latest news and updates regarding the podcast. We’ll also be posting interesting articles under movies, opinions and learning. Because we have a lot of cool things to share with you. We’re pretty knowledgeable about stuff. Well, not really. But we know some things. We’re certainly not film experts. So if you’re looking for insight from film experts, there’s the door.

Is everybody gone now? Good. Let’s get rolling.


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