We’re Dan Luke & Frank Romano


I’m Frank (right) and the other guy is Dan (left). This is our podcast. We call it Ya Shoulda Seen This By Now. Why? Because we talk about movies, but we talk about them quite a few weeks after they’ve been theatrically released. So we’re going to spoil stuff. I say ‘we’, but truth be told, this is really Dan’s thing. His name is first on the marquee. I mean, I’m the one writing this page and managing the site, but that’s neither here nor there. Point is, Ya Shoulda Seen This By Now is comprised entirely of us: Dan & Frank. We don’t do guests hosts or guests posts. Anything written or said here comes from us and us alone. So if something offends you, there’s no one to blame but us. I mean Dan. Blame Dan. Since, you know… this is really his thing.

Our story isn’t anything special.

Honestly, we’re not that interesting. I co-own a video production company and Dan’s a teacher or counselor or something. I don’t know, he works with kids. So I’m assuming he’s been vetted by the government. Otherwise God help us. Long story short, we’re both pretty run-of-the-mill, law-abiding, Chicagoan hipsters. I’m probably too fat to be a hipster but Dan fits the bill (I mean he’s in a band so there ya go). Dan and I met in high school, which is probably the most homosexual statement I’ve ever written. I sat near him in my tenth-period Spanish class freshman year. We bonded over movies. By senior year, we started a ‘Film Club’—which is as pretentious as it sounds. We continued to dabble in writing & filmmaking throughout college, but never pursued it seriously. I’m just saying our credentials aren’t necessarily spectacular. We’ve seen a lot of movies and we understand the basic principles of filmmaking & storytelling (or so we think). Beyond that, we’re just a couple of average guys.

But we do love movies.

That I can say with conviction. We take our movie watching very seriously. I don’t mean that we’re all businesslike and poker-faced at the cinema, I mean that we really treasure the experience of watching a great movie. Because for us, a movie is never just a movie. There are films that define who you are. And when you care that much about films, you want to discuss them with others. You may not find our conversations interesting, but you’ll easily notice that we’re fully engaged in the discussion and excited to talk about the films at hand. This isn’t about reviewing movies or being a critic. Our opinions on whether or not you’ll like the movie are largely irrelevant (and you should have already seen it before listening anyway). We discuss a film’s ideas, technical merits and storytelling mechanics because we love movies so damn much. So if you love movies too, you’ve come to right place.

And you’re going to love our Podcast.

Or maybe you won’t. I don’t care either way. But here’s how it’s structured:

  1. Intro. First, Dan opens the episode—because, you know, it’s all about Dan.
  2. Opening topic. Then we talk for about 5-10 minutes on a topic related to the film at hand. Don’t worry, we don’t blabber about nothing. We usually callback to this topic later in the episode.
  3. Summary and The Meat of It. After the opening is a brief summary of the plot, so we can retread the movie in our heads and remind ourselves of the film’s trajectory. Typically, while we’re doing this, we’re diving right into a myriad of discussions. This is the longest section of the episode, obviously. And we only talk about the topics that are most interesting to us. Maybe it’s the writing of a specific character. Or the camerawork. Or bothersome plot points. Whatever topics elicit the most engaging discussions are the topics we choose. And it varies per episode.

And that’s about it. Nothing too fancy or dramatic. We try to reign in the conversation to about 52 minutes. In most cases we could easily talk longer but we know you’ll only be able to handle us yap in small doses. If there’s a topic we didn’t cover that you were dying to discuss, feel free to reach out to us. We love talking about movies. And we encourage an engaged and vocal audience.

Just don’t complain about spoilers.

You’ll never hear us yell ‘spoiler alert’ or provide any other warning or disclaimer. The name of our podcast is the disclaimer. We give you ample time to see the film being discussed. If you’re so dense that you listen to an episode of a podcast but couldn’t be bothered to read the name of the podcast, then there’s no helping you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a stickler for spoilers. It’s true, I loathe people that carelessly spoil movies for others. There are many films—classic films—that I just haven’t gotten around to seeing yet, and I would be really sour if they were spoiled for me. Luckily, I rarely get things spoiled because I’m careful about what I read and how I talk to people. That being said, if I get something spoiled, it’s my own fault. So take responsibility for your spoils and pay attention to what you’re consuming. If you happen to listen to one of our episodes without seeing the film first, it’s on you buddy. Because, honestly, Ya Shoulda Seen This By Now.